In the Studio February 7th 2019

Here’s a lesson plan from today’s session with J- a 10 year old boy who has been learning for a year.



J had spent the week making up his own piece which was fabulous! It has consecutive movement between the two hands, moves around the harp a little, and shows a different rhythm for the ending.

He was using only the second finger the whole way through, so it was a great chance to get him to observe the pattern of the fingers and the notes and think about what fingering would work best.


There were some strings out of tune as it is SO humid here at the moment. So we took a break from playing and did some tuning. J is still learning how to read an electronic tuner, so it was his job to tell me if the note was flat or sharp.


We then took some of the fingering from his piece and turned it into an exercise using 2 1 3 and replacing the 3rd finger onto the string he had just played with his second.


The exercise we made up could be played in either 3/4 or 4/4 with a beat for replacement. J had to pick the difference when I played, and then recreate the exercise in both time signatures.


J had a repertoire suggestion of ‘Rewrite the Stars’ from ‘The Greatest Showman’ so we found an easy piano version that we can adapt for harp. You can check out what we’re using here.


Creativity, technique, theory and repertoire- tick!


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