Whether you approach the KonMarie method as an active participant, or view it more like a spectator sport (thanks, Netflix!), here’s a list of things to start you off with clearing out any studio clutter.


  1. Old exam syllabuses

For a ridiculous amount of time, I had a copy of the 2005 AMEB exam syllabus on my shelf. OK, it hadn’t actually changed, but it also was totally unnecessary.

  1. Multiple copies of music

Got some spare parts? Perhaps consider gifting them to students who could use some new music.

  1. Old magazines

My old copies of Harp Column are full of information, but I’m done with reading them. Free to a good home!

  1. Dead strings

With 7 harps, these are a feature of my room.

  1. Pencils that need sharpening

The story of my life. Get that sharpener out and get to work.




  1. Dodgy music stands

Old folding stands that won’t go up or down, bear a strong resemblance to the leaning Tower of Pisa, or are rusty enough to be a tetanus threat have done their time. Check out your local recycling options, or use as a garden trellis!

  1. Music that you know you are never going to play

I’m an avid collector of sheet music, but I know full well that there are pieces on my shelf that I will never look at. If this is you, look for someone to pass them on to so they can actually see the light of day.

  1. Old receipts

Current tax year, previous tax years? Sort them into piles and then scan or file away accordingly.

  1. Business cards

If it’s for someone you know you will never need to contact, then out they go. If you might need to use them one day, take a quick snapshot and keep a digital copy (Google Keep is great for this!)

  1. Anything that doesn’t belong in the studio

Have a quick look around and see what belongs somewhere else, or what can live somewhere else, so your music studio is as tidy and professional as it can be.




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