Grow your music studio

Have you begun the new teaching year in the northern hemisphere with a few gaps in your teaching schedule? Or has there been a bit of a downturn during the middle of the year for other parts of the world? Now is as good a time as any to attract some new students to your studio.

When thinking about reaching out to new students, it’s always a good idea to consider the students you already have. Take a moment to assess your teaching base- do you enjoy teaching young kids, or are teenagers more your thing? And is your preferred music and teaching style more contemporary or classical? Think about the students you already have who are kicking goals in your studio, and then list out what makes them a good student, and you a good teacher to that student.

Other things to consider include the area where you live.  Are there lots of retirees in your part of the world, and could you tailor lessons to this age group? Or perhaps you live close to a school and can offer after school lesson packages with sibling discounts? And why be limited by geography? Consider video lessons to take on prospective students from further afield.


Once you have a clear idea of what your ideal student looks like, create a student avatar. This is a marketing concept that helps you to understand and walk in the footsteps of a potential new student. Then start asking questions that help you think like a potential student:

Where does your target student like to hang out?

How would a student in your area find a harp teacher? Try Googling harp teachers in your area to see what happens.

Is there a website (or multiple websites!) that list local teachers? Are you on them and placed in a visible part of the listing?

Does your student avatar suggest that your potential student doesn’t rely on the internet? Research advertising in your local paper and determine if this would be a good return on investment.

And importantly- ask your current students how they found you.


Now is also a good time to update your website, which is after all the most important shop window you can have. Make sure there is a clear and easy way to get in touch with you through the site, and keep all your details up to date. Grab a cuppa and delve into your website stats to see who is looking at your website and where they are coming from. Knowing how your website works is an important part of making it work for you.


adult attractive background beautiful
Not how I look while investigating my website stats.


Also take some time to consider SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for your website title and page details. Search Engines love new content on websites, so why not consider adding a blog with information about learning the harp. Not only does this improve your ratings, but it helps establish you as an authority in your field. Not a bad way to impress a potential new client!

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