5 ways to attract new students without spending any money

Is it possible to attract new students to your studio without spending any extra money? It absolutely is! Try these 5 methods to raise your teaching income without outlaying any additional funds:

1- Volunteer to present at clubs and schools

Very few kids actually wake up in the morning and decide they want to learn the harp, so get out into the community and be an ambassador for your instrument. Get some fingers on the strings and encourage an interest in learning more. You could even consider offering a special rate for one month to encourage that crucial first booking.

person using inspire typewriter
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2- Keep a blog on your website with loads of useful information.

Spend a small amount of time thinking about all the common questions you get asked by interested students, and write some blog posts for your website that cover those topics. No need for anything too fancy- but just having that information there will encourage anyone looking at your website to stay a little longer, feel like they know you a little better, and be impressed by your knowledge.


3- Host a bring a friend day

This is especially good for encouraging more young faces in your studio as it’s a great activity for school aged students. It’s also a major win/win as your existing students will love bringing a friend along to see what they can do on the harp (and show off a little too!) Be prepared for some extra practice in the week beforehand as well. 😉


4- Put a post on local Facebook pages

Check out some local Facebook pages that allow promotional posts for local businesses. I’ve picked up a number of students with this form of advertising. Free to do, but make sure you check the rules of each particular page and take the time to find a great picture that will catch people’s eye as they go scrolling by.


5- Contact the local paper about running a story.

Got a special event or anniversary coming up in your studio? If you have a local printed newspaper, always get in touch to let them know. If you provide a well written explanation of the who, what, where and when of it all you are even more likely to get media coverage as the journalist can easily use the information you have provided.

Consider teaming this with your annual music concert, a benefit concert run by your students, or even a harp flash mob at the local shops.

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