One thing you can do today to attract new students

Do you have a website for your music studio? Hopefully the answer to that is a big, fat, resounding “YES”! And do you have a blog on said website? I suspect the answer there is less resounding. And if I ask if you regularly update your blog, I think a large chunk of the reading audience will start shifting uncomfortably in their seats and looking for the nearest exit. I’ll be right behind you. (Note to self: follow own advice.)

But what does a blog and regular one at that have to do with harp teaching?

First up- it makes your website look lived in. A website that was set up in 2014 and hasn’t been touched since will look stale. And that will reflect on how your prospective customer (a new student) may come to view either you, your studio or your teaching methodology.

That is, if they ever find your website to begin with.

Search engines such as Google love new content on sites. If your website hasn’t changed in a year or more, then it will drop lower in search engines rankings. So if someone looking for a harp teacher in your area does a quick Google search, you either won’t appear or won’t make it into the all-important top positions that most people don’t venture past. Regular blog posts (even one a month) make your website look alive to search engines, and will send your site back up the ratings.

Easy to read, information rich blog posts also encourage a potential new student to stay longer on your site as they find answers to the questions they were wanting to ask, and even be a little intrigued by insights into your approach to the harp.

If you write your own posts, be sure to include loads of the number one thing you have to promote your studio- you! Don’t feel the need to be too formal or to use complex terminology. Write in the same way you would talk, and allow your personality to shine through!

Always make sure the blog post answers a specific concern or pain point a new student may have. Give loads of good information, and you will easily establish yourself as an expert in your field, and definitely someone to have lessons with.

Feeling stuck for blog post ideas? Check out this list, and get writing today!

Blog topics to attract more students

  1. What is the difference between pedal and lever harps?
  2. What kind of harp should I buy?
  3. Is a bigger harp always better?
  4. What actually happens in a harp lesson?
  5. Practice!
  6. Harp maintenance- how to tune
  7. Harp maintenance- how to replace a string
  8. Taking your first harp home.
  9. A beginners guide to harp ownership
  10. Trolleys, dollies, and stands- a guide to harp accessories
  11. What to bring to a lesson?
  12. I can’t read music- can I still play the harp?




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