About me

with harp and attitude

I’m a harpist/teacher based in Melbourne, Australia. After teaching harp for around 10 years, I gradually realised that I was doing it all wrong. Teaching the way I had been taught was just not working. My students were all different, their backgrounds were different, and their aims and aspirations were different.

To keep going as a teacher, to serve these aspiring players better,

and to encourage and grow them as musicians and harpists, something had to change. I had to get creative.

Now I have a thriving private studio as well as teaching in 2 schools. My students range in age from 6-84. After every lesson, I see them leave feeling inspired and motivated to keep learning. And I feel the same way.

That’s why it’s great being a creative harp teacher.


P.S. You can see what else I get up to melbourneharpmusic.com