ABRSM 2019 Harp Syllabus Review

Whenever a new exam syllabus is released, I find myself displaying a sense of excitement far beyond what is actually appropriate. So I was a happy harp teacher when I took a look through the new ABRSM syllabus taking effect this year. Read more about it here. Continue reading ABRSM 2019 Harp Syllabus Review

Making technique fun

In part 1 of this series (which you can read here) I likened technique to a plate of vegetables- it’s colourful, has lots of different textures, you can do lots with it, and it is terribly good for you. But not everyone likes to eat their veggies, and sometimes even the best cooked Brussel sprout just needs a little something extra to help it go down. So here’s 3 tips for making technique fun (or at least palatable!) Continue reading Making technique fun